Scale your social efforts in a way that is reasonable and affordable

We understand your time is valuable, having a virtual assistant makes more sense when you are planing to grow.

Improve community engagement by exploring strategies to grasp attention of your clients, post, content, messages, conversations, start creating connections that take your brand with the right hashtag to the next level.


Creative Writing

 • Branding Services
 • Business Marketing Pitching
 • Collecting Testimonials
 • Editing Testimonials
 • Schedule Posts
 • Source Photos for Posts
 • Write and Format Posts
 • Write Social Media Posts
 • Website Page Copy Writing
 • Website Sales Copy Writing

Lead Generation

 • Client Retention Calls
 • Customer Service/Chat
 • Customer Service/Email
 • Customer Service/Phone
 • Managing Calendars
 • Managing Appointments
 • Managing Emails

Social Media Marketing

 • Research
 • Create and Publish Content
 • Create SWOT Analysis
 • Creating Accounts
 • Creating Ads
 • Creating Groups
 • Customer Service
 • Managing Accounts
 • Managing Groups
 • Marketing Strategy
 • Monitoring Ads
 • Research Strategy
 • Setting Up Groups
 • Managing Groups
 • Marketing for Business Strategy

Graphic Design

 • Design Graphics for Posts
 • Create Digital Magazines
 • Create PowerPoint Presentations
 • Create Slides for Websites
 • Design Business Cards
 • Design Business Flyers
 • Design Business Logos
 • Design Business Menus
 • Design Business Signage
 • Design Social Media Images
 • Printing and Shipping

Tech Support

 • Analytics
 • Create Landing Pages
 • Creating Surveys
 • Creating Online Forms
 • Edit Websites
 • Google Analytics
 • Set up or Migrate Email List
 • Shopping Cart Installation
 • Updating Websites and Plugins
 • Upload YouTube Videos
 • Website Coding
 • Website Design
 • Website SEO
 • Website Troubleshooting
 • IT Support


• Full Time Virtual Assistant
• Part Time Virtual Assistant
• Customized Virtual Assistant
• Specialized Virtual Assistant

Content Management

 • Ad Management
 • Appointment Setting
 • Calendar Maintenance
 • Data Entry
 • Follow up with Clients
 • Follow up with Leads
 • Forum Comments
 • Manage Blog
 • Send Thank You Cards
 • Send Gifts to Clients
 • Sending Contracts
 • Sending Invoices
 • Social Media
 • Upload YouTube Videos

Social media strategy planning starts with your goals.
Driving more leads, increasing your brand awareness is just one of the result you can have at Komuna.

Join our Komunaty.