A dedicated Virtual Assistant is someone who has all your preferred skill-set and will be for working just for you on your preferred date and time following your work requirements and responsibilities.

All of our Virtual Assistants are physically located in the Philippines and had passed rigorous assessment test and interviews conducted by our Human Resources Team. Each Virtual Assistant had a minimum of at least 2-3 years experience working in the BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING Industry servicing US-based clients and other International accounts. This ensure that the they are exposed and familiar with the american culture which is essential to their success in working as Virtual Assistant for American clients.

Our Virtual Assistants' are fluent in the English language and not just in verbal but in written English as well. You are assured that aside from their great communication skills, they have great comprehension skills as well. 

Your hired Virtual Assistant will follow American timezone or whatever their client’s timezone is. Though they are physically located in the Philippines, the time difference will not be a deterrent as they are used to working at night time. Your Virtual Assistant will follow your preferred working schedule, as they always adjust and cope with their client’s needs and requirements.

Any role that can be performed virtually. Jobs that require specialized skills can easily be filled by qualified Virtual Assistants. A short list of these outsourcing job roles includes web and graphic design, digital marketing, lead generation, and virtual assistance.

Allow at least 3 days to sign and return the Client Services Agreement. We will send you an electronic invoice for the payment of our services. Once we have received these forms, they are ready for their first shift.

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